Chronologie der dreißig Jahre Krieges
Dates and events of the 
Thirty Years War

Schwedische Protestierende Kräfte

Kung Gustav Adolph's Livgardet Kompanie

Hortus Bellicus Munchbergk 1632

MacKay's Regimente of Foote

Die Armee des Emperor

Colonel Walter Butler's Dragoons

Boleslav Orlicki’s Light Artillery

Die Massen
Commoners of the Thirty Years War

The Wesphalian Baggage Train

Leben Eines Soldaten
How to live like a soldier 
during the Thirty Years War

Einleitung zur kunst des Krieges
Weapons and Drill of the 
Thirty Years War

Bibliographie der Betriebsmittel
Annotated Bibliography of Sources

Unsere Lieblingsaufstellungsorte
Our favorite online sites

Die Galerie
Imagery ofour members

Zeitplan von Fällen
Schedule of events

Die Sitzung Hall
Online group chat rooms

Martha Norberg Roop

The beginning...

In the Fall of 1999 the handful of Thirty Years War groups that exist in the United States, decided to combine their efforts in reaching the public about this bloody period of European history.  It was decided to call it THE WESTPHALIAN SOCIETY in honor of the treaty which ended the misery of the Great German war.  Today the society stretches beyond North America, to the birth place of this terrible conflict, Germany.


Our mission is to widen the awareness of the events of the Thirty Years War through educational outreach programs which are conducted from a living history vantage point.  All the time having fun touching the face of history.

Enlisting your group

To become a member of The Westphalian Society one merely has to have a unit of 3 or more individuals which represents some aspect of the 30 Years War (1618-1648).  A written petition must be sent to Roger Thor Roop, who will coordinate your membership.

Roger Thor Roop

6760 Damascus Rd.

Laytonsville, MD 20882-3104