Chronologie der dreißig Jahre Krieges
Dates and events of the 
Thirty Years War

Schwedische Protestierende Kräfte

Kung Gustav Adolph's Livgardet Kompanie

Hortus Bellicus Munchbergk 1632

MacKay's Regimente of Foote

Die Armee des Emperor

Colonel Walter Butler's Dragoons

Boleslav Orlicki’s Light Artillery

Die Massen
Commoners of the Thirty Years War

The Wesphalian Baggage Train

Leben Eines Soldaten
How to live like a soldier 
during the Thirty Years War

Einleitung zur kunst des Krieges
Weapons and Drill of the 
Thirty Years War

Bibliographie der Betriebsmittel
Annotated Bibliography of Sources

Unsere Lieblingsaufstellungsorte
Our favorite online sites

Die Galerie
Imagery ofour members

Zeitplan von Fällen
Schedule of events

Die Sitzung Hall
Online group chat rooms

Historical Museum Links 

which are invaluable to those who study the Thirty Years War.

The VASA Museum in Stockholm, Sweden

Museum des Dreißigjährigen Krieges

American Swedish Museum, Philadelphia PA

The Treaty of Westphalia in its entirety

Treaty of Westphalia; October 24, 1648, Text of the Treaty translated in English by the "Avalon Project" at Yale Law School

Dutch forest trade in the Baltic until 1648


Die Kongreßstadt Münster 

The History of the Thirty Years' War by Johann Cristoph Friedrich von Schiller (Trans. Rev. A. J. W. Morrison, M.A

Leipzig Connection: Music of 16th & 17th C. Germany, with special attention to music during the Thirty Year War

Der Westfälische Frieden, Mirror site of the great exhibition of Osnabrück and Münster 1998

The Crown & The Cross

Thirty Years War Learning Site

The Thirty Years War 1618-1648  Excellent site and includes a brief biography on the 5 top Swedish generals during the Swedish phase of the 30YW

Svea Livgardet (Current King's Guards)

Memmingen Festival 2004

Thirty Years War background website

Thirty Years War site by Toby McLeod  Many ripped off elements from Luke's website and incomplete (a real hessitation whether to make a link.)

Catholic Encyclopedia's slant on the Thirty Years War

Wittsock Requem

Another Wittsock Reqeum  Many ripped off items from our old website, but fun to read none the less.

Munich in the Thirty Years War

Les traités de Westphalie 1648-1998  French Foreign Ministry Archives Celebration of the Peace of Westphalia

Thirty Years War Compendium  Amassed by the League of Augsburg (A Wargaming Society)

EXCERPTS OF SOURCES ON THE THIRTY YEARS' WAR  Excellent recitations from some noted and not so noted figures from the 30YW.


17th C. Reenactment Groups

Clann Tartan (A Scots Thirty Year War outfit)

Blackwell's Regiment of Foote, 3rd. Company

St. Mary's Militia

Col. Gaffny's Regt. (Clann Tartan)

Sealed Knot Home Page

The Admirals Regt.

ECWSA (English Civil War Society of America)

Col. Tillier's Regiment of Foote Regimental Headquarters

Marquess of Winchester's Regt (English Civil War Society Member Group)

Hussaria (Polish Hussar unit)

17th C. Polish infantry reenactment unit

17th C. Support Sites

17th C. Information Clearing Sites

The Great Northern Wars

17th C. English Historical Documents

Polish-Lithuanian Armies 1500-1700

Project Gutenberg: Major literary works in hypertext.

Renascence Traditions: Works of 17th C. English writers

Charles Oakley's articles on reproduction historical furniture: Excellent source for constructing camp furniture.

Tom Rettie's Woodworking Essays: By far one of the best pages regarding the construction of period furiniture from the Middle Ages through to the Renaissance. Great Bibliography.

17th C. Fashion

How to construct 17th C. Stays

Fashion of early 17th C. Europe

L' Áge d' Ore: French & English Baroque website.

Renaissance tailor: Excellent tips on 16th & 17th C. tailoring with a thorough bibliography for further research.

17th C. Everyday Goods for the Commoner & Soldier alike

Panther Primitives  Custom made and stock canvas tents as well as other sundry items.  Purchase catalog for more detailed information..

Tuckahoe Trading Company:  Excellent quality pottery, glassware, and pewter goods.

Syke's Sutlery

Jas Townsand & Son, Inc.

G. Gedney Godwin: The Sutler of Mount Misery Carries 17th as well as 18th C. items.

Antique Swedish Coins: This is an auction house for Swedish coins, but it gives one a good reference for Swedish currency.

17th C. Clothing Tips and Merchants

Dirty Billy's Hats A complete line of 17th C. felt hats and will do custom work, including beaver felt broad brims.

Fugawee Boots & Shoes Carries some early colonial latchet shoes.

The Elizabethan Practical Companion Blackwork Gallery

17th C. Home & Hearth

ScanGlass: Swedish Glassware including 17th C.

Jay Hensson's Artifacts Inc.: Excellent stoneware reproductions and other artifacts of our period.

Michelle Erickson Pottery, Inc. Very detailed 17th C. delftware.

Julia Smith's fine Pottery Creations: Exquisite 16th, 17th and 18th century pottery.

Spice Merchant: With good historical references.

17th C. Miscellaneous Pages

How to curse in Swedish *A must for anyone in the Army of Gustavus II Adolphus, Hehehehehehe*

Living History Portraits The Artistic renderings of Michael Sly

17th C. Arms & Armor

MacPherson's Armory

Valentine armory

Loyalists Arms

ArmoarClass Swords