Chronologie der dreißig Jahre Krieges
Dates and events of the 
Thirty Years War

Schwedische Protestierende Kräfte

Kung Gustav Adolph's Livgardet Kompanie

Hortus Bellicus Munchbergk 1632

MacKay's Regimente of Foote

Die Armee des Emperor

Colonel Walter Butler's Dragoons

Boleslav Orlicki’s Light Artillery

Die Massen
Commoners of the Thirty Years War

The Wesphalian Baggage Train

Leben Eines Soldaten
How to live like a soldier 
during the Thirty Years War

Einleitung zur kunst des Krieges
Weapons and Drill of the 
Thirty Years War

Bibliographie der Betriebsmittel
Annotated Bibliography of Sources

Unsere Lieblingsaufstellungsorte
Our favorite online sites

Die Galerie
Imagery ofour members

Zeitplan von Fällen
Schedule of events

Die Sitzung Hall
Online group chat rooms

Member groups bring their voices to the electronic age by joining chat rooms established for the sole purpose of discussing the Thirty Years War and the trials and muses of reenacting this period of history. 
Feel free to join us.

The Westphalian 30 Year War Tavern (Society Chat Room)

Livgardet Kompanie Nyhetter

Zagloba's Tavern - Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 17th C. Living History

Colonel Walter Butler's Dragoons