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Thirty Years War

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How to live like a soldier 
during the Thirty Years War

Einleitung zur kunst des Krieges
Weapons and Drill of the 
Thirty Years War

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May I introduce to you Colonel Walter Butler's dragoons. We are currently in the house of his Gracious Imperial Majesty the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, King of Hungary and Bohemia, Arch Duke of Austria, Protector of the Holy Faith, Ferdinand. 

Our original feldmarschall~Leutanant, the famous Albrect Wenzel Eusebius Wallenstein, Duke of Friedland has been gone some months now (our illustrious Colonel helped murder him!). We now find ourselves under the command of General Ottavio Piccolomini. Our Captain is one Maximillian Wolfram von Schleuter (AKA Adam Roberts-von Schleuter), a Prussian officer. 

Our Captain's troop has been sorely used, suffering most grievous casualties in the victorious Silesian campaign. Our numbers of fighting men are more than equaled by the "ladies" of the baggage train. We are marched toward Nordlingen (1634) to move on Duke Bernard and his allies where we shall stand against the enemies of the Emperor.

Our troop enjoys much song and dance with the "ladies" of the train when we are not training. We often meet for feasts and other social gatherings. Of course, being a mercenary troop, there are often duels and other skullduggery between us. If you wish to volunteer for service with our troop contact us.

For more information on Colonel Walter Butler's Dragoons, contact:
Adam Roberts
(501) 321 0963
207 Dell St.
Hot Springs, AR 71901.