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Regimental History

MacKay’s regiment was raised by Sir Donald Mackay of Farr (First Lord Reay) under a military levy with a charter granted by Charles Stuart (Charles I, King of Britain).  The regiments first levy was completed by years end in 1626 and shipped to Denmark for service in General Mansfeld’s army.  The vast majority of his levy was raise in Sutherland and associated MacKay held territories and under the conditions of the charter were equipped and clothed by the Danish King Christian IV.  Fully armed and equipped his regiment took the field with Mansfeld’s army and participated in the heroic defense of Stralsund.

MacKay's Regimental Standard

Following the capitulation of Christian IV to the Holy Roman Emperor, Sir Donald Mackay’s regiment entered service with King Gustav II Adolph of Sweden.  Once again a second levy was raised to support the battle hardened first levy and the regiment took the field at some of Gustav Adolph’s greatest battles.  The regiment is best known for its exploits at the Olden berg Pass

The Rev. Angus Mackay describes the action thus: 

Their next great exploit was at the Pass of Oldenburg, which Sir Donald was instructed to hold at all hazard, in order to enable the Duke of Wiemar to embark his troops at Heiligenhafn. From daybreak to sunset of a late October day, Mackay held the pass with his men against an overwhelming host under Tilly. Torn and stung by shot and ball, they clung to the position with a heroic tenacity which defied the indomitable Tilly. As may be imagined their losses were very heavy. Sir Donald himself was severely wounded by the explosion of a barrel of gunpowder, but he grimly stuck to his post; while Sir Patrick McKie of Largs and other officers had to be carried off the field. When the regiment went into winter quarters shortly after this, of the 3600 men who had embarked at Cromarty, only a twelvemonth before, but 800 whole and about 150 maimed survived. In other words, in a four months' campaign they lost three-fourths of their number. Truly the glory of war is bought at a great price!


MacKay’s Regiment as reenacted in The Westphalian Society is proud to represent these brave men, who sought to better their lives and those of their families in service to the great armies of the Thirty Years War. 

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