Welcome to the United States Army of 1944!

Before we have you slotted with your team, let me go over some things with you.  The first thing is to dissolve any illusions you may have about this impression. 


This is not the United States Army, if you intended on joining this branch of our armed services, you can go to http://www.army.mil/ and speak with a recruiter there.  The 4th ID, 8th. Regt.  Intelligence & Reconnaissance Platoon is a living history outfit.  This group is made up of friends who believe in representing a reasonably accurate portrayal of the soldiers within I&R platoons in the ETO.  In the process of developing this outfit, we hope to honor the memories of all soldiers who served in WWII and teach a younger generation about the price of their freedom.

We do not discriminate based on age, race, or sex; however, understand that the US armed services of WWII were predominantly segregated along racial and gender lines.  The 4th ID I&R Platoon will help guide your role within the outfit.

Enlistment Criteria

1) Age of Enlistment:  All troops must be at least 16 years of age with parents consent as a non-combatant in the form of squad medic.  Preferred age of enlistment is 18 years of age or older.

2) Bearing:  You have to possess a good attitude.  This means an eagerness to participate at events, gather equipment in a timely and consistent manner, speak with the public, and generally want to be a part of this outfit.  You will want to engage your NCO in any questions you may have about this impression.   It helps to have a good nature and be amiable.  In the  4th ID I&R Platoon we tolerate NO POLITICKING or GENERAL GRIPERS & SAD SACKS  If you are one of these, then pack your bags and hit the high road.

3) Attendance:  First you must want to participate at better than 50% of our event schedule or it will not be worth your effort to acquire the necessary gear.  This means, NO LAST MINUTE BUG OUTS! If you are caught AWOL for too many events, this will be grounds for dismissal from the group.

4) Appearance:  You will need to show up prepared for each event.  This means properly groomed (definition: appropriate hair length and facial hair limited to a small moustache not to exceed beyond the length of your mouth).  You will need your full equipment list in accordance to the general equipment order issued prior to most events (if one is not issued then request one or assume the full kit).  If you are new to the group, you must make arrangements with group members prior to the event to have equipment issued to you. 

When at an event and in camp you will be expected to maintain a clean living area.  This means void of trash and modern equipment.  There are NO KIT LAYOUTS in the 4th ID I&R Platoon, for two important reasons; one, kit layouts are predominantly done in barracks and not in the field (unless you have a chickensh*t platoon leader); 2, no one wants to be responsible for all of your small crap being potentially stolen.  The object is to create a “lived in look” for the camp.  We’re a functional group, not a bunch of wax museum manequins.

5) Actions: You are expected to be courteous and show proper military etiquette in the presence of officers.  You must exhibit competence with your weapon and hold safety on the field in the highest regard.  In camp you are expected to fullfill any assigned duties and properly address these duties with the utmost professionalism.  Alcohol is permitted for those who are of 21 years and older, but is not tolerated during public hours or prior to and during tactical engagements.ILLICITDRUGS ARE STICTLY FORBIDDEN AND YOUR BUTT WILL LITTERALLY FLY OUT OF OURGROUP IF CAUGHT CARRYING OR USING NARCOTICS. Violations of these rules aregrounds for immediate dismissal from the unit.  If you have a prior criminal record, you will need to disclose this with your senior NCO (who will keep it in confidence). 

In training and tactical maneuvers you are expected to show considerable trigger discipline.  The nature of our impression precludes us from engaging the enemy unless fired upon or when the odds are considerably stacked in our favor.  Your demeanor for tacticals should be serious to the point of recognizing the business you are about to recreate.  The weapon you are carrying is just that...A WEAPON.  Your weapon should never be taken for anything less than that.  When on patrol you are expected to show light and noise discipline.  Under combat conditions you will be expected to act and react appropriately under fire.  In a combat zone (anywhere where consistent gunfire can be heard) you will carry yourself accordingly and keep your helmet on and weapon properly oriented.  Weapons are charged only on the command of the Squad Leader.