4th ID, 8th. Regt., 
I&R Platoon's Goals
The 4th ID, 8th. Regt.  Intelligence & Reconnaissance Platoon was an arm of the infantry.  The men in this outfit are not elite troops or special operations personnel, they’re dog faces like the infantrymen the are supporting.  Training and equipment is similar to that of a typical infantry platoon, with the major exception of their means of transportation and reconnaissance training.

Soldiers within I&R platoons reported their information directly to Headquarter’s G2.  This information amounted to basic reconnaissance data.

Enemy Size
Enemy Activity
Enemy Location
Enemy Uniform/Unit
Time of Observation
Enemy Equipment 

Terrain Features
Cover and Concealment
Key Terrain
Avenues of Approach (High & Low speed)

--and any further data which could assist Regiment and ultimately Division in devising strategy.

I & R Platoons were also a heavily armed asset which could assist infantry units and move quickly to add firepower where necessary.  In operations in the Hürtgen Forest and the Belgian Ardennes, 4th ID I&R Platoons added their firepower to that of their infantry brothers.  This asset was crucial to ebbing enemy advantages on the battlefield.