4th ID, 8th. Regt., 
I&R Platoon's favorite vendor links

Uniforms, Insignias, LBE (Load Bearing Equipment), etc...

Top Pots
(M1 Helemt refurbishing and sales)

Hale Reproductions
(Yet another M1 Helemt refurbishing and sales company)

J Murray Inc 
(Excellent refittingwebbing & hardware for M1 Helmets)

WWII Impressions
(Top notch uniforms & gear)

AEF Supply
(Custom fitted M1936 wool uniforms)

What Price Glory
(The king of reenactor reproductions, Jerry Lee the proprieter really keeps his ears to the rails and often carries reproductions of hard to find items)

Warhorse Trading Post
(UK based company which makes fine reproductions of Class A uniforms)

Advanced Guard Militaria
(Excellent selection of original militaria)

At The Front
(Jack-of-all trades, has some uniform material, LBE gear, insignias, etc...)

National Capital Historical Sales, Inc.
(George Peterson runs this fantastic militaria shop which carries much of the original items you will need)

Bayonet Inc.
(excellent load bearing equiment/webgear)

H.J. Saunders Military Insignia Company
(Excellent supply of reproduction WWII 4th ID shoulder patches & 8th Regt. DI's)

International Military Antiques
(Excellent vendor of used and original militaria)

Old Grouch Surplus
(Plenty of war dated field gear at a reasonable price)

WWII Notched Dog Tags
(At the bigger events, such as Reading Airshow, FIG, etc... you can often find vendors who will make you a set, but for smaller events you may want to mail off for your dog tags)

WWII Dog Tag Chain Repros
(Although beaded dog tag chains are period, they were generally a special order item through the PX.  The standard dog tag chain was and actual chain with clasps at the end.  This guy makes em to spec.)

Castle Keep
(Some good deals in smaller articles)

Omaha's Surplus
(excellent camo netting, ammo boxes, and sundry items)

Garcia Aviation
(No its not all about fly-boy crap, they actually do have good WWII GI grunt gear)

World War Two Ration Technologies
(Excellent reproductions of C & K-Rations as well as 10 n' 1's & D-Rations)

Bryans' Militaria
(Varies sundry items)

WWII Supply Room 
(Excellent source for D-Day gass brassards)

base of fire weapons

(Specialize in Propane Fire Simulated Base of Fire Weapons & Vehicle Mounted Weapons)

Mac Replica Systems
(Excellent reproductions of towed 37mm AT gun)

Replicas & Models-Int
(Specialize in Propane Fire Simulated Base of Fire Weapons & Vehicle Mounted Weapons)

International Repo-Depo, Inc.
(Specialize in conversion of existing demilled machinegun kits into Propane Fire Simulated Base of Fire Weapons & Vehicle Mounted Weapons)

Browning Machine Gun Parts Co.
(Specializes in providing accessories to your base of fire weapon)

Relics Inc.
(Carry a variety of goodies, including base of fire and AT reproductions)

Issued long and short arms

(Specializes in providing accessories to your personal arms)

Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)
(Federaly recognized program which sells M1 Garands & 03A3 Springfields at reasonable prices to those who are qualified)

Riverbank Armory Inc.
(Specializes in M1 Carbine and Garand sales & accessories)

(One of the best auction houses for antique firearms)

Blanks & Ordnance
For the efficient operation of one's weapon in combat as well as the supplies to manufacture non-lethal munitions for reenactment

Joe Swanson's Motion Pictures Blanks, Inc.
(One of the most respected blanks manufacturers in the USA)

(Relatively new manufacturer of blanks in the midwest; however, have heard very good things about his blank quality)

The Blanks Guy
(Great guy to work with and realy knows his stuff)

(Good guy and is no the National Guard, so his deployment schedule is kind of whacky, but good blanks nonetheless)

HI-VEL, Inc.
(Purveyor of high quality non-lethal munitions supplies; such as, cannon fuse, smoke powder, smoke generators, etc...)

Coleman's Surplus
(Good source for cannon fuse and other general military surplus items)
4th ID, 8th. Regt., 
I&R Platoon's Brother's in Arms
(Other American Units)
2nd Platoon, Co. A, 33rd Signal Construction Battalion

29th Division World War II Reenactors Organization 

35th Inf. Div, 134th Infantry Regiment

3rd Inf. Div, 7th Infantry Regiment

B-Co 1/141st Infantry Regiment
36th Infantry

8th Inf. Div.,  28th Infandtry Regiment

American Military Medical Impressions

1st. Canadian Parachute Regimental Headquarters

7th Black Watch

92nd Infantry Regiment

4th ID, 8th. Regt., 
I&R Platoon's
Preferred Adversary List
(The best Kraut units in the hobby)
Panzer Aufklärungs Abteilung 11

6. /Pz. Gren. Rgt. 1 Herman Goering Div.

Fallschirmjäger Pionier Batallion 1

3. Kompanie SS-Panzeraufklärungsabteilung 12 SS

7./GR Großdeutschland