History in a nutshell
The Normandy invasion was preceded by extensive paratrooper drops, including the insertion of the American 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions onto the Cotentin Peninsula. Their mission was to seize important crossroads, bridges and towns north of the Douve River, playing havoc with enemy communication lines and clearing the way for the advance of Maj. Gen. J. Lawton Collins' VII Corps, which was coming inland from Utah Beach. The 82nd was to capture the crossings over the Merderet River at the tiny hamlets of La Fiére and Chef-du Pont.

German Perspective
German soldiers of 7th Army Group have been on occupation duty in Normandy for quite some time now.  They have settled into a routine of traffic posts, patrols, and basic administrative duties on the Cotentin Peninsula.  While there has been partisan activity in the past this sector is relatively quiet.  German troops have an uneasy truce with local civilians and they interact with the local populace on a daily basis.  The locals are resentful, but relatively cooperative.

Allied Perspective
On November 28, 1943 the leaders of the Allies met in Tehran, Iran to hammer out the objectives of their tenuous command.  Soviet premier Joseph Stalin pressed his Anglo allies to open up a second front in an effort to relieve the battered forces of the Soviet Union.  Roosevelt gave Stalin a pledge that he had been waiting for since June 1941: that the Anglo-Americans would open a second front in France in the spring of 1944. This was Stalin’s major political objective of the war, so he was well-satisfied when the Big Three agreed to this offensive. 

The operation code named OVERLORD, would require enormous stealth in concealing the scope of the logistical buildup, leadership which would press the attack against the Atlantic Wall, Intelligence as accurate as possible, and most of all LUCK.  General Eisenhower had selected June 5th, 1944 to be the invasion date, but poor weather conditions in the North Atlantic so June 6th was to be the new invasion date.  In advance of the invasion flotilla was the airborne strike force of the U.S. 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions, numbering 13,000 paratroopers, were delivered by 12 troop carrier groups of the IX Troop Carrier Command.  There mission was to clear the causeways and silence the supporting batteries on the Cotentin Peninsula.  There would be NO RETREAT as there was only a rough sea to the west and it would be ALL or NOTHING.

Site will provide basic amenities; such as, port a johns, potable water, and firewood.  In addition the Saturday evening meal will be catered with beverages provided. 

Site Rules
Upon arrival onsite you will be directed to the parking area, whereupon you will be expected to report to the registration area and fill out the event waiver.  All participants are expected to fill out the event waiver and will not be able to take the field unless they have done so.

Buildings have been designated for billeting purposes, we ask that you do not enter any buildings that have not been open for use to reenactors.  Most specifically you should not enter the top of the barn (hayloft), grain Silo’s, top floor of stone toll building, and main house.  If you are unsure, ask your superiors first.

Please no leaning on wooden fence line.  Fences are rickety in some areas.  Separate all recyclable items (Cans & Glass) from trash.  There will be two separate recepticles for just this purpose.  Leave the site the way you found it!
There is to be no discharge of firearms inside any of the building.  If anyone is injured the call sign is EMERGENCY.  All action will cease and the situation evaluated.  There is to be no firing over Sam’s Creek Rd., unless coordinated with eastern and western OPLP’s.

All participants are expected to be professional in their approach.

This is an INVITATION ONLY event and invitations are based upon unit membership.  If you are a member of the following units you have been invited to join us at this event, if not then you will not be able to register.

Axis Forces                                                                                    Commander
7Kompanie Großdeutchland Div.                                                      Robert Lawrence
11th Panzer Aufklarung                                                                     Chris Bopp
Erste Zug                                                                                          John Bocek

Allied Forces

Pathfinders 508th PIR                                                                       Tim Learman
325th Glider                                                                                     Carter Bertone
Belgian SAS                                                                                     Donald Burkett

Civilians                                                                                           Roger Thor Roop

For ease of registration you may use paypal to pay via credit card.  Please include your name and unit in the comment section. 

You may also pay for your registration by check.  If you choose to pay for it in this manner, then send your registration to:

Holding the La Fiére Causeway Event
C/O Roger Thor Roop
6760 Damascus Rd.
Laytonsville, MD 20882-3104

All check payments must be received by May 1st, 2008.

Site Directions
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